Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman TONIGHT 9/27/12 10 pm ET

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TOO MANY COMICS, TONIGHT, 10 pm ET on WCDB 90.9 FM, Comedy Pipe, and
Jason Smith!
Tomorrow night, I host “Comedy Gold” at The Mine in Saratoga, and Jason’s there, too!

Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman!
Check out their new video and get their incredible new album, “Please Be Seated”
Click here forĀ Video
Dan St. Germain!
See him at The Well in Great Barrington on Saturday! Get your tix now:

Dan Wilbur!
Get his hilarious new book, “How Not to Read”

Vernon Payne!
Tomorrow night, Vern +more at Chords & Comedy at the Daily Grind in Troy!

Jeff Crawford!
See his comedy showcase at Pinto and Hobbs tomorrow night at 10pm!

Don’t miss this insane show, tonight, 10 pm to midnight ET! (7-9 PT!) on,, 90.9 FM in Albany, and iTunes:


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