Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman LIVE tonight 10pm to midnight ET! (4/25/13)

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Rod Cone, Devin Lucas (Dr. Demento film), Jason Smith & Jeff Crawford on Alternative to Sleeping tonight 10 pm to midnight ET! Listen on WCDB 90.9FM, &

Rod Cone, tour manager/sidekick for Stephen Lynch will call in. See him and Stephen at The Egg on May 2!

Devin Lucas of the upcoming Dr. Demento documentary “Under the Smogberry Trees” needs your help! Hear him tonight & donate to get this important film made:

Comedian Jason Smith will call in to promote his ‘Comedy Gold Showcase’ which is at The Mine in Saratoga, tomorrow night!

Jeff Crawford returns to the show tonight to promote his variety show at Everydays in Albany, 2012 Central Ave., Saturday night!


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