Pipedream Show 120 – Rosario Scanio & Jody Lee

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They’re married and they do comedy?  Say it ain’t so!  This week on Pipedream we have Hudson Valley comedians Jody Lee and Rosario Scanio as our guests.  Make sure you have your lightsaber because we have a level 1 padawan on our hands here.  Jody Lee may or may not believe in sasquatch and Rosario draws beautiful mythical pictures of the those hairy delights.

Don’t miss out on this action packed episode as Joe and Jefferson take their bromance to the next level, the tolocoaster will be going round in a loop and  Three Dee takes Aunt Theresa online shopping for her boca condo to try and melt her winter blues away.

Comedypipe, funny like you smoke it!

Show starts at 7pm EST this WEDNESDAY- Comedypipe.com

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