Pipedream Show 172 – Howie Jones & Dave Hill

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Howie Jones is this weeks guest on Pipedream! He is the producer of all that is comedy at the  wonderful, historic Madison Theatre in Albany N.Y.  he has produced many great shows with well known, talented comedians.  We’ll talk about behind the scenes story’s  and ask him about venomous snakes, reptilian and comedic! Just kidding, not all reptiles have venom.  He is a great guy with alot of funny stories about the Biz.   Plus Joe and Jefferson have agreed on a proper buttplug size but have yet to determine who is the “bottom.”  Will Theresa save the day with “why does there have to be a bottom  or will 3D bust out the tazer and zap us all?  You can join the show or watch it as We stream live on YouTube and Skype.   *Comedypipe is not responsible for hurt feelings,  the fact you gained weight (even though you carry it well) or 70’s style crotchbush.

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