Pipedream Show 178 – MicD

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GREAT NEWS FROM THE FRONT SIR! Comedypipe has captured another virgin for Wednesdays show!  He is MicD! The artist that created our new intro music. If you haven’t heard of him, well that’s because he’s an artist.  a very talented, FUNNY artist. Paintball and  Kayaking will be just two topics MicD and our crew will make comedy love to. The research team went all out on MicD, after this show we’re all going to need bail. Except for Jefferson, we hope he gets buttsexed. **Comedypipe is not responsible for your dumb kids or Gramma’s wonky toes.  Wednesday 8pm every Wednesday at 8pm!  CALL INTO THE SHOW BY SKYPING COMEDYPIPE, OR WATCH US LIVE ON YOUTUBE.

Be a part of the show –

Skype using the screenname – Comedypipe

Tweet us LIVE – @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedypipe



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