Pipedream Show 180 – Pat DaBiere

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COMEDYPIPE LIVE AT 8PM WED!  Pat DaBiere is on the show this week ready to overflow a bellybutton and bring funny! Comedian! You know who he is,   Skyping in will be Joe  C.S.I.  Bronzi and that’s when it’s  going to get weird which is where the fun is!   Do they kayak?  Are they cat people?  Ever fuck a zombie? (S)He just lays there)  Jefferson will ask the tough questions  flex, be the fiercest and don’t take no shit!  ;)  We’re  gonna have some fun!    **Comedypipe is not a limited time offer and never expires, exclusions apply only if you’re a sensitive agendized asshole.   THE MOST INTERACTIVE  COMEDY SHOW, WE encourage YOU to Skype into the show,  SKYPE Comedypipe, listen in,  or watch us  on YOUTUBE live! ( ladies, check out the very fuckable jefferson)

Be a part of the show –

Skype using the screenname – Comedypipe

Tweet us LIVE – @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedypipe



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