Pipedream Show 181 – Brooke S.

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brooke s 3

NOW ENTERING THE RING! IN THE CENTER CORNER OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE! FOR YOUR MENTALLY CHALLENGING FULL CONTACT ENTERTAINMENT!  BROOOOOOOOOOKE!!!!!  Yes Brooke is back from where? Nobody knows but we are glad he’s in town and on the show! We have a surprise for him, don’t  worry hes got no internet, so no spoiler there.  SKYPE us, the handle is Comedypipe we’d  love to hear from you. Even if just to insult us, it’s  OK! we love hecklers.   **Comedypipe is not responsible for the bathroom camera you found.  P.S. try wiping ‘front to back’ …your coworkers will thank you.
 Instead of coworkers… boyfriend.

Be a part of the show –

Skype using the screenname – Comedypipe

Tweet us LIVE – @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedypipe



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