Before They’re Famous: Four Up and Coming Comedians of 2016

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Before They’re Famous: Four Up and Coming Comedians of 2016

By: Mike Robinson








The great thing about comedy and big cities is there is tons of budding talent everywhere. While the likes of Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer are selling out arenas and fetching ridiculous ticket prices, there are plenty of hilarious comedians you can still find at small mics. Here are four to check before they make it big time.

  1. Suni Reyes

Suni Reyes has blasted onto the New York comedy scene doing everything from standup improv to primetime television. She has placed her finger in every comedic within her reach. Despite being a regular performer at Upright Citizens Brigade, an actor in numerous Funny or Die shorts and Master of None appearances, Reyes still found time to debut as a minor character in an episode of Girls.

  1. Guy Branum

If you’re a sucker for a powerful stage presence, look no further. Despite having less experience than many of his colleagues, Guy Branum projects the confidence and poise one would associate with a veteran comedian with thousands of shows under their belt. His unique observations of popular culture and issues ensure that his content is fresh, relevant, and ever evolving, giving his audience the original content they so constantly long for.


  1. George Basil

Finding true talent in underground improv can be an arduous task, but there is no doubting its presence in George Basil. Combined with his natural charisma which has landed him multiple advertising gigs, this firecracker of a personality will doubtless find himself in the ranks of the noteworthy as his work gains him increased exposure in whichever area he chooses. Given his success in standup, advertising, and performance art, there is no telling where his talent will find its home.

Basil certainly has no shortage of content to be found online. His work with CollegeHumor has reached hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, and his Bud Light commercials have reached millions around the word.

  1. Naomi Trevillian

Unlike the others mentioned, Naomi Trevillian truly embodies the unknown/underground Los Angeles stand-up scene. Her clever prepared content, confident improv abilities and unconventional rural upbringing have given her a tangible reputation among the smaller local establishments. In contrast, her efforts to limit outside exposure have made her somewhat of a media anomaly. While requesting not to be recorded may seem to be counterproductive to one’s growth as a comedian, true originality that embodies quality comedy has seldom made sense to critics and public alike.

Filmed work of Naomi Trevillian is always difficult to find, but gold is only valuable for its scarcity. To get a brief peek into her elusive stand-up, you can watch one of her first live performances for the Comedy Playground at


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