Duking it OUT with Dave Kanyan, Jason Smith and Josh Vincent!!!

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duking it out 3

 The place where a drunk boyfriend tries to stick it ,also known as the asshole.
Dustin got slapped after he tried to put it in Georgia’s duker.
Duke’s Last Laugh is where many people in the Albany Capital district got their start. It’s also where many people ended their careers.
Tonight’s premiere episode of Duking it Out we feature 4 comedians who’ve moved on from stand up comedy to other great things.
Jason Smith a well known Duke’s antagonist has a way with people and his audiences. He’s taken that experience and is now trying to make it as a Professional Wrestler. Will he put the Smack Down on the rest of us or is he a jabroni gettin’ thrown over the top rope?
Joshua “Josh” Vincent is just funny,sweet,and adorable. Just don’t get him drunk and have a pizza guy piss him off! It takes two men to hold him back. We don’t care if he kicks the pizza guy’s ass, but we’re hungry. Garlic knots just won’t do it!
Dave Kanyan is the former host of DLL.He has no plan, no memory,no jokes, no understanding of what’s going on in the world or around him. Yet he’s made it this far. Is he always happy and smiling or is that gas in his ass?
Mike or “3D” as his one dimensional friends call him, is the the creator,owner,host and all round ringleader of Pipedream LIVE and www.comedypipe.com. Tonight it’s his job to keep things running smooth, be the timekeeper at the bell, doctor at ringside and most importantly…keep the alcohol flowing.
Welcome to Episode 1 of “Duking it Out”
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