Pipedream Show 227 – Korey David

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Korey David

Korey David this Wednesday on Comedypipe! We’ll talk about the struggle of strategic disappointment, animal rights and loving the D. Plus Kayaking and the stray Collie he’s bringing. ***Timmy: “What’s that girl? Comedypipe is stuck on the railroad tracks?” Collie: “Woof.” Timmy: “Good! I hope they die slow and horribly. like in front of their loved ones. And their dogs sit at their Graves waiting for their master to come back. But they don’t, and they starve.” Just sayin, it should be a fun show!!!

Watch the show on Youtube -http:\\youtube.com\comedypipe

Skype using the screen name – Comedypipe

Tweet us LIVE – @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedy


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